CT 16 Winter priming paint
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Ceresit CT 16 Winter priming paint

Designed mainly to produced priming coats in Ceresit Ceretherm Winter building insulation system


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  • Enables application in lower temperatures
  • Manufactured in more than two hundred colours
  • Easier application of plasters
  • Higher adhesion to the substrate
  • Waterproof
  • Ready to use
  • Amount required: from 0.2 to 0.5 l/m2 depending on the properties of the substrate

Designed for priming substrates before the application of mineral, acrylic, silicone and silicone-silicate thin-coat plasters, finishes and paint coats. It allows to continue the applications at lower temperatures down to 0 °C. 8 hours after application the priming paint is resistant to frost down to -5 °C. Facilitates the application and texturing of plasters, optimize the drying process and improves the plaster to substrate adhesion. Provides a uniform substrate, prevents stain build-up on thin-coat and coloured plasters. Designed for brush application on mesh- reinforced layers when insulating walls with Ceresit Ceretherm Systems and on traditional indoor/outdoor plasters. For priming the substrate under thin coat plasters, we recommend using CT 16 in a colour similar to that of the plaster.

CT 16 can be used on all solid, load-bearing, clean and dry substrates free of substances which may impair adhesion. Test the load-bearing strength of the substrate. Level out any unevenness. Before appli- cation, any continuous rear surface moisture must be eliminated. Fungi and moss must be removed with CT 99 Anti-fungus before priming.

Apply CT 16 directly with a brush or paint brush. Depending on the site-specific drying conditions, work can be continued after only 3 hours. After hardening, the surface must be scratchproof. After use, wash the tools out with water. Hardened ma- terial can be removed with a solvent or paint remover.

Data sheet

Data sheet
CT16 Winter
0.2-0.5 L/sqm
10 L