CT 15 Priming paint
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Ceresit CT 15 Priming paint

Silicate dispersion composition of potassium and acrylic to prime the substrates for thin-layer silicate plasters, putties and paint coats

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  • check 15 L

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  • Manufactured in more than two hundred colours
  • Easier application of plasters
  • Higher adhesion to the substrate
  • Waterproof
  • Ready to use
  • Amount required: from 0.2 to 0.5 l/m2 depending on the properties of the substrate

Designed for priming substrates before the application of silicate thin-coat plasters, and paint coats. Facilitates the application and texturing of plasters, optimize the drying process and improves the plaster-to-substrate adhesion. Provides a uniform substrate, prevents stain build-up on thin-coat and coloured plasters. Designed for brush application on mesh-reinforced layers when insulating walls with Ceresit Ceretherm Systems and on traditional indoor/outdoor plasters. For priming the substrate under thin coat plasters, we recommend using CT 15 in a colour similar to that of the plaster.

The substrates to be coated with the paint Ceresit CT 15 should be smooth, even, dry and free from any substances that decrease adhesion: grease, bitumen, dust, etc. Any dirt or weak coats should be removed. The existing adhesive or lime paint coatings should be removed. The surface should be washed with water. Any defects or gaps in the plaster should be filled in with Ceresit CT 29. The absorptive substrates, e.g. gypsum plasters, chip-boards, non-impregnated gypsum cardboards should be primed with the agent Ceresit CT 17 and then left for drying for approx. 4 hours.

The content of the packing should be stirred. Neither rusty containers nor tools should be used. Do not dilute the paint! Do not use paint rollers. CT 15 should be applied with a brush evenly and for one layer only. Drying time is approx. 3 hours. Tools and fresh stains should be washed with water.

Data sheet

Data sheet
0.2-0.5 l/sqm
10 L, 15 L