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Hybrid paint with nanotechnology


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Creates surface resistant to adhesion of pollution – the paint surface is extremely consistent, microscopically smooth, due to which particles of dirt, algae and fungi spores easily lose contact with the wall and are naturally removed by rain and wind.
2 in 1 – the first paint layer primes the substrate – nanoparticle structure of the paint enables better substrate penetration – reduces its absorbability, strengthens it and increases the adhesion of the paint without a primer (concerns fresh plasters); it protects the final layer against contamination from the substrate.
Perfect covering properties – nanoparticles combined with high quality titanium white guarantee exceptionally exact surface coating.

The main characteristics
• silicone - modified
• 2 in 1 – no primer needed
• self-cleaning
• hydrophobic with PEARL EFFECT
• for protection and decoration of façades
The main parameters• 695 colours
• consumption: ca. 1 l of paint for ca. 7-8 m² (on smooth surfaces)

Recommended for fresh renders – enables painting thin-coat mineral renders after 5 days of their application.

Can be used for decorative and protective painting.

Hybrid paint – due to the combination of binders, it joins the advantages of silicate and dispersion paints: high elasticity, perfect vapour permeability, low absorptiveness and resistance to abrasion.

Vapour permeable – creates micro-porous structure, providing free transport of water vapour.

Elastic – high resistance to cracks and scratches, compensates strain resulting from different heat expansion of the layers beneath – suitable for surfaces exposed to heavy thermal and functional load.

PEARL EFFECT – water absorptivity reduced to the minimum – the application of hydrophobic molecules and silicone and siloxane polymer formula gives the surface hydrophobic properties and protects the wall against soaking.

Protected by MYCO PROTECT system – contains biocides limiting the development of fungi and algae on the surface of the paint.

“Self-cleaning” – dirt and dust are washed down by rainfall.

Reduces scaffold working costs – shortens the time between the application of the mineral render and its painting.

Perfect functional parameters – it is resistant to ageing, changing atmospheric conditions, aggressive components in the substrate and the natural environment and UV rays.

Application in lowered temperatures (from 0°C) and high humidity (up to ca. 80%) – after adding ATLAS ESKIMO agent.

695 colours – according to ATLAS RICH COLOUR PALETTE, corresponding to the colour palette of ATLAS SILKON silicone renders.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Fastel Nova
ca. 0.15-0.25L/sqm
10 L