ROCKWOOL FASROCK L facade lamellas 1200×200mm
ROCKWOOL FASROCK L facade lamellas 1200×200mm

ROCKWOOL FASROCK L facade lamellas 1200×200mm

Rockwool stone wool lamella with vertically oriented fibres is suita-ble for external wall thin coat systems. Due to its high delamination strength, no mechanical fixing is required.

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Lamella Rockwool Fasrock L is robust and easy to install on even surfaces while it is also flexible enough to bend slightly, accommodating curved facades. Lamellas are always installed horizontally and the adhesive mortar is generally spread over their entire inner surface with a toothed trowel.
Mortar can also be applied with a toothed trowel directly to the wall, before adhering lamellas to it. When choosing this application method, it is essential that the wall surface is flat and level. It is also important to have the proper consistency of mortar adhesive, if necessary the producer can advise on this, in order to avoid adhesion problems.

Beside walls, lamella can also be installed on ceilings of garages or cellars to prevent thermal losses between cold rooms and dwelling area.
Rockwool Fasrock L is a very good thermal insulator. It is not flamable when exposed to open flame and does not generate smoke nor burning droplets. It helps to prevent the spread of fire. Rockwool Fasrock L  has also very good acoustic properties. It is water repellent through the whole section and at the same time diffusion open for the vapour transmission.

1200x200 mm
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